[SOLVED] macOS: can't create an IMAP account in Outlook 365

Hello friends,

On a MacBook Pro Mid 2014 running Big Sur 11.7.10 I can't create an IMAP account. I asked for help on Microsoft forum, couldn't get a solution. Thing is Mail created the account in no time and figured out by himself most of the settings.

This is what Mail account looks like:

This is what Outlook 365 wants :

I fill IMAP Password, but regarding SMTP user name, SMTP Password and SMTP Outgoing Server, whatever I tries, I get:


This is the link to Microsoft forum Outlook 365 on macOS, can't create an IMAP account successfully - Microsoft Community

Someone knows how to set the account for Microsoft 365 ?


Try manual management of imap settings.

I finally succeeded creating the account. I got all the information from our president, and realized that was a code 16 :relieved:.

I also discovered that I was using the new Outlook. I switched to the old Outlook, and thanks to Microsoft the account I just created was flushed. I had to recreate the account. I prefer the old Outlook which is closer to the Windows version. In fact the best version on Mac was the one I used in 2018 on Sierra. That was a real macOS version, implementing slide left and right gestures. But someone thought Outlook needs to be changed again.

The old Outlook interface is different, even at the configuration level. For those who would need the solution, here are some screen captures.

new Outlook

old Outlook

More options






Configuration is more comprehensive with the old Outlook !