Tab key to select from dropdown list

Here's a stupid question... I have a field that is populated from a value list. When entering data, when the cursor lands in this field, the dropdown list displays and autofills based on the keystroke in the field.

I'm wondering if there's a way, once a key is pressed and the value highlighted from the dropdown, to be able to press the TAB key to commit that value. It seem FM behavior is that I must first press ENTER to commit the value, then tab to move to the next field. I understand I can have enter, tab or return advanced to the next field, but actually selecting and committing the value from the dropdown is what I'm after.

AFAIK, the enter to select the value from a selector is an OS function. It is the same for browsers on web forms and just about any software I came accross. The double keying is necessary because it is effectively 2 commands that need to be sent: select, move. Would be also 2 mouse clicks to accomplish the same.

You can use an onExit Script Trigger to call a script to commit the record while tabbing to the next field..