Train to Malmö

The Danish are well organized.
We walked from airplane to the baggage claim, exited through the customs and walked straight towards the train.
Plenty of signs.
Next to the entry to the train station, we found something like 20 ticket machines and with almost no waiting, we got to one.
You pick Öresund Sweden and the Malmö C as target.
Paid about 182 DKK (24 Euro) for standard tickets for two using Apple Pay with my phone.
Next we take the escalator down and we are in the train station on the right side.
Next in a train to Malmö and go!

That is faster than in most other cities!

The train takes 30 min to the underground station. Go upstairs, turn left and go through the train station.
On the other side of the street is the Elite hotel.

Thanks Christian, hope to replicate your journey this afternoon.

Kind regards