Attending EngageU?

I was wondering how many from the fmsoup are going, or consider going to the EngageU conference in Malmö, Sweden in November?

If there some, it would be fun to meet up.


We plan to be there. Looking forward to a big European conference!

Not me. Germany, for example, is still #2 or #3 in worldwide COVID infections depending on the week. Masks are a thing of the past, it seems, but not the virus...

Christian, I saw that you are a sponsor, so we look forward to seeing you.

Oliver, fully understand. Are masks still regional in Germany?

Nobody is wearing masks, anywhere!

Here in the US, we have about 100,000 new cases every day!

I will go there.

Oliver, ah my scan reading caught me out, I’d assumed you were in Germany.

Plenty of Covid around, but now usually more cold/flu like than the scary beast we were presented with a couple of years ago. However, there are still exceptions and some get very ill (as they often do with flu).

Why take the risk? Albeit, we have caught it twice this year, once at a New Year’s Eve party (first event since Covid) and secondly while skiing in Austria. However, both were worth the risk as far as we were concerned.

I look forward to seeing you :+1:

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I know people who would disagree with you ("long COVID" after two years, etc.).

No way for me.

Not sure why you're so obsessive with Germany?!
But even as the Germans tried to rule the world Malmö (and hence Sweden) is not part of Germany, and most likely won't become before EngageU starts. ;o)


If you look at the reported COVID numbers globally, that's just how they report them: by country. Germany is always near the top. Since the conferences are in Germany, I just reported on that...

I just had a great time in Canada and USA at the FileMaker and Xojo conferences.
Masks only in the airplanes and trains. But no masks at hotel and at the conference.
It felt back to normal there.

I look forward to the conferences in Italy and Sweden.

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With the 'no masks here' sentiment, It will be interesting to see the COVID numbers after Oktoberfest and, globally, this Winter. As much as I love Germany, I wouldn't dream of going there now.

US is currently #1 with COVID infections ... ! USA...USA...USA!

I suspect Germany is just recording this more diligently than other places. I don’t know of any British colleagues who have recently reported having caught Covid, despite it being pretty common still. Many are not even testing since the free tests ceased.

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I actually do stay in Germany. Things are quite normal here. The federal government plans to introduce a nation-wide mandate for carrying masks per beginning of October 2022.

They're "normal" here too. However, I know several folks who ignored masks and such and now have had weird COVID symptoms for over a year.

You really don't want to get COVID as they don't understand it that well yet.

I know. Now I am pretty sure that the folks who organise the conference are aware of the COVID-related challenges and will take care of this.

I wouldn't count on that. People have "moved on", but that doesn't mean the virus has. Unless you protect yourself, don't expect others to...

Viele Leute haben Tomaten auf dem Augen!

Ah, we had exquisit, succulent Tomatoes this year, thanks to Mediterranean temperatures!

On the subject: I like hybrid events, on-site and remote at the same time.


If you are vaccinated 3x, you can get COVID, but you are usually well protected from severe disease. Furthermore, if you wear an FFP3/KN95 mask yourself and it fits well, you are also protected for a few hours - even if others in the vicinity do not wear one.

I am vaccinated 3x. I rarely wore a mask in the summer. Now in the fall I will wear mask again if I have to go into large crowds or poorly ventilated indoor areas.

Cheated (translated) with DeepL

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