Webview inconsistency

I have a field which builds an HTML chart which is then displayed in a web view. It works great on my Mac, but some of my Windows users say that it's inconsistent, and shows up for some records but not others. Is there a known issue I'm bumping into here?

Perhaps the data in the different records breaks the webviewer sometimes? For example, if you're using Substitute to put a field value into some javascript like var myNum = <<fm_num_field>>;, but the field value is empty, you would end up with broken JS var myNum = ;.

If you right-click the webviewer and "Inspect", the Console tab might point you to the problem.

Or you can build up your html, and then copy that from the variable into a .html file and try opening that in your browser to see what kind of errors you see in the console there.

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We were on Zoom and both had the same record open in the same layout, the windows user was blank and my Mac showed up.
The HTML is pre-generated in an overnight script and saved in the text field, os the Webview just has to show HTML.
I did ask him to confirm he's up to date with his version of Filemaker.

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what version of FM are you using? Everyone on same?

Weird. If you're able to reproduce on a Windows machine, check out rightclick -> Inspect

Which version of Windows are you running on ? Lately on Win10 the control that is used f9or the WebViewers has changed and FileMaker was updated to use the new control.

The old control, based on IE 11 was not vey capable.

Sounds like the most likely issue is the IE11 controller. I'll have them update and then inspect if that doesn't work. Thanks all!

I have a client that has an HTML output that is built in JavaScript with FM data and then opened in a browser. It was written years ago and has worked fine since. It also recently developed significant differences between Mac and Windows users that I'm talking with a JS developer to work on. Still works perfectly on the Mac. Both IE and Edge have issues with it. Thanks M$.