fmSoup and SEO

Continuing the discussion from Quietness contrasts with FB buzz:

SEO can be part of a strategy.

I'm not challenging the wording "Forum", as to some it can be an accurate description of what discourse is. We are also, quite obviously about FileMaker, not challenging that.

That said, it so happens fmforums has been around for quite some time and I would not want to be the one having to come up with a comparable amount of content to rival with their SEO ranking. There are other players also aligned to similar wording:

Given how Claris rebranded and how we are also likely to chat about Claris Connect and other initiatives (Next, ...), I would not try to align or brand fmSoup to just another FileMaker Forum.

Maybe we can rename some channels to help SEO ranking, Maybe we can come up with a tagline, a mission statement and a couple more things, but in the case fmSoup, I'm not sure I would try to inject / manufacture content that is crafted and designed with the single intent of achieve some SEO ranking.

I believe we have to create compelling content, and reach out to the world for them to take part to this discussion. There are some great contributors, many having established names across various circles of our Claris world.

Rome was not built in a day. People were also not going there because they saw a sign on the side of the road. They went because that's where the action was. I do agree that if you don't know about Rome or any of the events taking place there, you won't start walking towards it magically, but I think we have what it takes to be on people's radar as long as fmSoup members share about their experience with other Claris fans.