What happened to FileMakerToday forum?

does someone know what happened to the forum at FileMaker Today?


Seems like it disappeared?


I got

Not very useful. I googled [FileMaker today and discovered that he is on LinkedIN


I was able to access the forums a couple of months ago (April or May). The old owner Ross (on the LinkedIn page) must have sold it recently since most of the recent posts were by an Ex-Pat Brit living in either Portugal or Spain (I apologize for any offense by listing both countries).

The new owner had transformed the splash page and it was loaded (as now) with "Salesforce" integration links with FMP. Also, I had been an active Moderator until about 2018 when job duties prevented my daily access of FileMaker Today. I only mention this since my Username and PW were unchanged, but my membership level had changed to "basic."

So... my assumption is that these once awesome forums have met their demise.