Seems like they will be upgrading the platform this week-end

RosemaryTietge (FileMaker, Inc.)

10 hours ago

@wendy (Member)​ ,

If you need help finding a thread from the old community (/thread/), ask in the pinned Finding Content in the New Community thread and someone on the FileMaker Community team can point you in the right direction. We redirected as many things as we could, but with over 100,000 moved threads we could not do all of them.

That annoying error page should stop appearing sometime this weekend when we get the upgrade to the new community platform version.

In the SalesForce forums, they fixed a few bugs. Can’t relate all the specifics, because I only know a couple, but it should be a step in the right direction.

The problem with the “new” forum isn’t “bugs”; it’s design. You can’t bug-fix your way out of a bad design.


That’s not necessarily true. Many of the fixes are custom components and new code, along with some behavior changes of the platform.

Long term they are also setting up to replace the entire search component and some other new features.

If You compare the filemaker-forum with my.filemakers, then

  • my.filemakers
    – a true forum with all the needed functionality right out of the box

  • community.filemaker
    – something like a blog
    – one can post a question
    – one can read the first page, one specific answer when having email-notification
    – no chance to have latest stuff, etc.
    – no chance to browse through threads (well, the very first page might work, still not optimal)
    – dito inside a thread
    — when hitting the browser’s ‘back’ button, the first thread/item will be displayed, makes it impossible to browse through IMHO

there is so many true forum software available - it is not clear to me why filemaker decided to get salesforce, I do believe that it was a management decision

further on, IMHO the community-site looks not friendly, pictures too dark, the sujets do not match what’s behind, some of them are looking identical


I’m a bit scared this might go downhill from now. I simply wanted to share the info I came across. All above arguments were rational and well articulated.
Maybe we can keep at this? I would prefer if we don’t go down the road of we are they are kwim…
I won’t close the thread. Just letting you know that I find it’s preferable if we avoid falling in that dynamic?
Thank you!

BTW @planteg posted a thread on community after which Beverly responded and I have had ever since the hardest time refraining from posting the joke that came to my mind. Temperance is a virtue that is hard to cultivate!

Why don’t you post the joke here, nobody listens :joy:.

It is more fun to taunt you. And a bad half subconscious tactic to prompt people to beg for me to say it so I can get clearance to say it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As an added piece of info, I wouldn’t expect the changes to be live until at least a few days later. The MVPs will be helping test the changes at some point after today. Though I’m not exactly sure of the rollout schedule.