Windows updates breaks PDF display in FileMaker

Please be aware that Microsoft Windows got an update KB5003637, which breaks FileMaker displaying PDFs in an interactive container.

You may want to not install this update for some time or uninstall it when you find it installed.

An upcoming FileMaker release may switch to use Edge/Chrome for rendering PDF documents, so this will get fixed soon by Claris.

Alternatively you can use our MBS FileMaker Plugin to render PDF pages (DynaPDF.RenderPage) and have them show as JPEG or PNG pictures in a container.

See also posting in Claris Community: Suddenly PDF are not shown in FileMaker (since today !) in multiple computer / different customer



Thanks for the heads up Christian

To get rid of OS/Claris/Adobe incompatibilities, you can try our 1MT PDF Viewer add on

Does it mean all older FileMaker versions that won't be updated will have this issue "forever" or is it a bug of this update that can eventually be fixed by MS later ?

Well, if Microsoft someday permanently removes the Webbrowser ActiveX control or Adobe stops installing the IE PDF browser plugin, this will fail for all older FileMaker versions.

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Isn't Microsoft suppose to remove IE with a specific new version of Windows 10 ? I may be wrong on this though :thinking:.

yes, eventually IE will be gone and all apps trying to use it will get an error code about missing component, when they try to use it.