Add a French channel?

I just noticed, that fmsource closed.

Not sure if all the French people now use the Claris Community or come here to speak English.

Maybe you like to add a French channel to welcome them here?

Or is there another French forum?

I know of two francophone forums: FMQC and Le Point d'ArrĂȘt.

FMQC,, is mainly a mailing list. It also hosts francophone conferences, usually annually in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Le Point d'ArrĂȘt,, is a new francophone forum.


That’s something to think about.

Our moderators - except for me - are polyglots, so we have the talent. :thinking:

And most board members are polyglots too.

That said
 our mission statement is quite clear on the matter: to offer an independent, accessible and freely available English language forum for all things FileMaker to FileMaker enthusiasts of the world and to ensure the persistence and searchability of the forum's knowledge. Adding a French channel would require a change to the mission statement, therefore a vote from the membership.

For the rest, let me start by admitting that I lack skills in recruiting and managing volunteers. My perceived barriers probably have simple or creative solutions. If so, by all means shoot my pessimisms down and put me on a better path.

Being a francophone myself, I feel a French channel would require more than just good moderation. It would also need active attention and resources from the board to cater to francophones' needs. I think this would be true of any other language channel too.

The board and moderation team master the French language today. The same is unlikely to be true in the future
 and it isn't and will never be true of the membership. It would already be difficult for the corporation to look out for the needs of a minority membership today. It would be even more difficult when a minority or none of the corporation's officers and board master the minority language, or worse, don't see the value in pouring scarce resources for minority needs. The good of the many, here, often crushes the needs of the few.

We already have a very difficult time getting people to volunteer for our existing needs. Adding a minority channel would add either the need for additional volunteers or would require us to add a minority language as a requirement to become volunteers.

Please, oh please, somebody challenge me on this.


As stated today on the closed platform page they refer to
"Le Point d'ArrĂȘt" as an alternative and to another upcoming initiative (which is the latter?).

So, I guess, be patient and don't you worry too much :grinning:

Nous sommes heureux de constater qu'une nouvelle initiative a déjà été lancée.
Nous vous invitons Ă  aller jeter un coup d'Ɠil Ă  "Le Point d'ArrĂȘt" -

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Here is the English translation for that quote:

We are pleased to see that a new initiative has already been launched.
We invite you to take a look at "Le Point d'ArrĂȘt" -

The new forum name itself translates to "breakpoint".