App updating experience

Hi there
I'd need a rant corner in this forum to talk about the app update process on Mac OS :slight_smile:
When opening a database today, FileMaker offered me to update to the latest version ( It suggested me to close all apps, but there was none open. Then the endless turning ball appeared with the update progress bar started but not moving. No chance of knowing if something is happening. After my span of patience I force closed the app. In this moment a separate update thread started and did the actual update. After a moment (without an informative progress bar) it was done. Thank you.

And? Did venting your frustration here make you feel a bit better?

Ranting helps sometimes to lighten the mind and I'm sure others have experienced that too :grin:

We have seen a few people report this issue in various FileMaker forums.

I hope Claris investigates it.

We tend to rely on the updaters from the Claris website Download Claris FileMaker updates and resources

We’ve always found these more reliable and available earlier than the in app option.

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Yes, it did. At least I don't feel alone with that anymore :grinning:
Thanks! Cheers

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Thanks for that hint! Good move.

Yeah. Me too.