FileMaker Pro v19.1.3

Just spotted v19.1.3 on the Claris download page - Download Claris FileMaker updates and resources

Mac and Windows

New features

New option parameter for fmp URLs

The fmp and fmp19 URLs now support the option parameter when you use a URL to run a script. This parameter controls how a currently running script is handled. The parameter's values are the same as those defined for the FileMaker.PerformScriptWithOption() JavaScript function (see the FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 Updater Release Notes in the Knowledge Base).

For example, the following URL sets the option parameter to 3:


If a script is currently paused, this URL resumes the paused script and, after the resumed script is completed, runs the ListClients script.

See "Opening files using a URL" in FileMaker Pro Help.

Addressed issues

The following issues were addressed.

Important: To ensure that you don't encounter the issues below, you must update all clients to FileMaker Pro 19.1.3.

  • FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 couldn't connect to a FileMaker Cloud for AWS host.
  • FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 would close unexpectedly after creating a Database Design Report from a file that contained a summary layout part and had been modified in Table View.
  • Choosing Require password change on next sign-in could cause the Change Password dialog box not to close when you clicked a button.

Interestingly, the Mac version appears to be a full app (716Mb) that is dragged into the Applications folder.

The Windows installer has just put up the message below, looks like currently it is also not an updater, I wonder whether they’ve uploaded the wrong versions? We can’t afford to uninstall from our RemoteApp servers, so hanging off that for now and waiting for the in app update, which is not currently available, or an actual updater file.

Upon loading the Mac version, my previously up to date Dacons MailIt plug in has resulted in ‘Plug-in Mailit will not be loaded - incompatible FileMaker Version’. This is being repeated throughout loading one of our current systems. There is an increment update on the Dacons website, so now trying that.

So far, I’d suggest waiting a little while before installing. However, I have managed to finally create a DDR, so looks like the problems introduced by v19.1.2 may have been sorted (this was a major productivity hit for us).


Last update for now. The latest MailIt version does not work either and we’ve reported this to Dacons.

There are a few postings starting to appear on the community website, which I’ve added to.

I now strongly suggest holding off installing for now, or at least keep the older installers to hand, particularly if you use plug-ins.

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OK, not the last update above, someone has just posted that the updates do appear to be available at:

Looks like it is the main download page that has the full installers. Just testing these alternatives now.

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How about trying MBS FileMaker Plugin instead?

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Christian we have a site license for MailIt and our systems are written around this.

We do own an MBS license.


The Windows updates has worked from the alternative download page, but it has also broken MailIt, to a point the app won’t load. The message can be seen if Windows tab is used, but cannot be clicked on to continue.

Ho hum!

From the community website:

The Mac and Windows buttons under the Download column has now been updated to download the updater; not the full installer. The View button under the Release Notes column continues to display the updaters.

Steve Kurasch
Claris International, Inc.


Thank you @AndyHibbs for the heads-up and all the information above!


Great info. Thanks for the warning.

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Dacons have now made MailIt v8.0.1.61 available for download on their website.

We’ve installed it on both Mac and Windows here and the previously reported problem has now disappeared.


スクリーンショット 2020-10-30 11.26.40

Hi I have updated FM19 on my Mac using updater, but the script name in the script workspace could not display fully. is that normal situation?

See the Claris Community, a user has come with a work around, just can't remember.


Thank you.

Are you referring to this post?

The solution was to just click the hide and show left sidebar (list of scripts)