Cant drag a file to a container after an update

Hi all,

Happy new year. This morning I had an issue for the second time. Nothing urgent or terrible though.

I have an app where I draw a PDF file on a container, Windows 10 FMP 19. Dragging a PDF file is fine, except in a specific situation.

  1. I open FileMaker
  2. Before I select the app in the list of latest open apps I get a message stating an new version is available.
  3. I click Download
  4. I click Install
  5. FileMaker opens again by istself
  6. I start a New record and drag a PDF file over the container, but I get a "now way" sign :no_entry_sign:.

First time I thought "fine a new regression bug". I closed FileMaker, open again and everything was fine.

This morning an update again, same issue solved by closing and reopening FileMaker.

Can't tell if it's the same on MacOS, but what the heck with updating FileMaker ?!?

Someone else got this also ?


Can‘t replicate yet.
Some thoughts:
is this Container in a foreign file? It once happened to me that a TO for a foreign file wasn’t recognized first but was also fixed with Quit and start again.
For PC and since Mojave also for Mac, whenever I do updates or moved files around, I first set access privileges for all files for ‚All Users‘ for good measures.

Nope, everything in the same file, the file is local not on a server.

Did you restart your computer?

No I didn't restart the computer since restarting FMPA does the magic :thinking:. Looks like an update leaves the program in a strange state, or the way FMPA is started by the installer is incorrect.

Sounds as though the installer is leaving something behind that isn't cleared until FMPA has been closed.


I agree on this. Claris is having a hard time with installers on Windows.