Certification test at home

Continuing the discussion from FM18 Certification prep list:

Mike Beargie wrote a blog post about the new option to undergo the certification exam remotely, instead of at a test center.

I did so myself (the test, not the blog), but would have appreciated knowing some of the details Mike mentions in his blog post instead of learning about them “as you go”.

Note that for the exam, nothing can be within arms reach, and your computer must be connected to a single monitor, for some people, that can mean a lot of changes to your setup for a 2-hour test. Up to you to determine if it is worth the trouble.


Thanks for that. I was thinking about going down this route for my Test as the nearest testing station is an hours drive from me. Giving it second thoughts now especially as they also listen for background noise - they will terminate the test if they hear background sound. With 6 children in my house there is never a moment without background noise!

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This past exam…I had to drive 4 hours to take the test. That was a long day. lol

Yeah I would definitely do this at home if faced with a four hour drive.