FM18 Certification prep list

What is on your list to prepare for the upcoming certification?

Here is a list of URLs I like to look at before doing the test:

of course, some of those links require you to drill-down further to cover the content more extensively


Don’t forget the Cert Guide.

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Thanks, I think they have not published / updated it yet (correct me if I am wrong), I’ll add it in there when they do. My understanding is PearsonVue will start scheduling for this test as of this coming Monday. I’m a bit surprised they did not update the cert guide yet.

It will come soon. They are pretty busy between the migration stuff, DevCon, and setting up the cert test. :slight_smile:

I think you’re right, its always ends up this way every year (aside from the migration stuff). From the cert test angle, I would say my impression is by now they just need to turn the switch on as I expect beta test is done with.

For the actual exam, yes. But the cert guide is not the same, and in the past it has been written by one of the partners. So it requires review and approval.

@jormond: Cert guide = “done”

Thanks for calling it out!

Has anyone used the preparation file published by Penny Rudell?

Thanks for sharing this list. I used it to do some prep for my exam the other day and passed with flying colours thanks to these resources.


A look to the Data API Guide woudn’t hurt


Hi @RochDr, I made an update based on your recommendation. Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the FMSoup!

Ha, a bit late, but if you did use it (or indeed anyone) and have any feedback I shall commence development on FMSundae19 in January 2020. Penny