Enable data API command line?

Is there a fmsadmin command to enable data API?

fmsadmin start fmdapi
fmsadmin stop fmdapi

This appears to have the same effect as toggling the switch in the FMS Admin Console.

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Bonus: the FMS Admin API can also toggle this setting.


-X PATCH -H "Authorization: Bearer <<YOUR_TOKEN>>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @$data

{ "enabled": false }

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Thanks you been Googling and have not been able to find that command. Sadly it did not seem to solve my problem but at least I now know the Data API is running.

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Maybe you already looked here, but if not, for future reference you can also poke around in fmsadmin using:
fmsadmin help commands

And then when you see a command you want to investigate more closely:
fmsadmin help {{TYPE COMMAND HERE}}

For example, in this case fmasdmin help start

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I use the command line so rarely I had not looked into the help command. I will keep it in mind for the future though.

Thanks again much appreciated.

Get familiar with the command line in a hurry then. Once FMS Linux rolls around in a few weeks, we'll all be doing a lot more of it.
Of course a good Terminal tool that has snippet support can help with this. Or a good text expander tool in general.


After years of running both a windows and Linux servers I stopped this year. It seemed no matter how small the problem was in Linux I would have hours troubleshooting it. Life just dose not need to be that complicated. I understand what I lost when ditching Linux I just happen to also know what I gained. Windows server works just fine running FileMaker Server, and life is much simpler for it.

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I'm not going to debate the relative merits of one OS over the other; experience has shown that people tend to get irrational in a hurry.
I'm happy supporting all the OSes that FMS runs on.

Even so, fmsadmin is going to be needed to access the full range of tools available to you as an admin. It will look and behave the same whether you choose to be in a *nix shell or MS Powershell.