File Upload: Connection failed

A client can no longer upload databases to the server, since a few days only he claims.

When selecting the server in Share/Upload to host (I have German menus/messages, sorry), immediately a message "failed to connect" appears.

tcpdump shows that it opens a connection on port 16000 on every try, they are all closed only when the client is closed (FM18 at least closes the connection after the failure).
Everyone says that the upload uses port 443, which may be true for the upload part itself once the connection is established.
As it is SSL encrypted I can't see what's going on, and even wireshark can't decode this version.

My pet peeve since years is that "modern" applications don't show errors (like "connection to xxx:16000 failed: unknown cert issuer"), but only hints that there was a problem and don't even log the errors somewhere. A few hours of development would save tons of hours for users.

Any ideas what to do? Asking Claris to implement a "dump unencrypted tcp traffic" in the client or the server is surely futile...


Get them to update to the latest patch of FMS17 (which I think is v5). Also make sure they are on the latest client patch.
What is the OS on the server?

If this was a cert issue you'd get a meaningful error when just trying to connect to the server to open a file; you'd get a red lock or orange lock on the connection plus some warning dialogs.

The upload uses both port 80 and 443; I believe the knowledge base article on that is fairly clear.

I was never a big fan of the upload feature; any chance they can just grab the files through a remote desktop session on the server instead? May be a lot faster than trying to figure this one out.

First they'd tell you to stop using an EOL product :slight_smile:
And then they'd tell you that it would defeat the purpose of encrypting the traffic in the first place.


welcome to the soup!


As it happens too often, a reboot of the server helped. So, no helpful insights for the next time.