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What is the difference between a FileMaker Cloud backup and snapshot?

I am looking to setup a distributed FileMaker solution such that there is a ‘master’ solution in FileMaker Cloud and a set of individual copies on FileMaker Go iPads. My reasoning for this is that I want to move away from maintaining two code bases (a hosted and a mobile version).

My thinking is that I will use the Cloud version as the ‘master’ and then use the snapshot as a ‘distributed’ version for the iPads to download and run. The iPad versions currently do NOT communicate to the hosted version. This solution is a store audit form that the iPad users use to fill out in the store (many times with no Internet connection available). When the iPad user completes the form, the solution is designed to create a PDF of the form and email to the corporate office.

My intent would be to develop in the Cloud ‘master’ version of the solution and after any significant development change, download the Cloud snapshot and then send that file out to the iPad users to download and install after deleting the previous database file on their iPad. In this way I could maintain a single codebase and have a simple method of distributing updates.

Does this sound like a feasible and safe method to accomplish this goal?

FileMaker Cloud uses the term snapshot for its backups because they are based on the AWS EBS Snapshots feature, which is a very efficient and fast way to backup the entire data volume on a regular schedule. In FileMaker Cloud, backups can be preserved and then the “Attach Snapshot” button on the Preserved Backups screen can be used to download copies of the databases as they existed at that point in time.

Based on what you described, you don’t necessarily need to use backups/snapshots to download a copy of your database. You can develop in the hosted version as you describe. When you want to send a copy to someone, simply:

  • Close the database in the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console
  • Download the database
  • Open the database in the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console

Then you can send the downloaded file to someone else and continue working in the hosted version yourself.

If your database is large or you have active users connected to the hosted database at the time you want to get a copy, then you might want to attach a snapshot and download the database from the backup so that you can avoid temporarily closing the hosted database.

If you do attach a snapshot, be sure to unattach it when you are finished with it to avoid some small extra charges. An attached snapshot exists as an additional EBS volume that is at least 40 GB (or the size of your data volume) and that costs about half a cent per hour while it exists (~$4 for a full month).

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