FileMaker Pro Advanced 18.0.3 is here!

About a week ago I bought an upgrade to FMPA 18 (individual licence). It’s only this morning that I downloaded and installed it. To my great surprise the version is 18.0. 3 .317 .

Would you like to know what’s changed ? Me too . . . it’s not yet on the download page :pensive:.

Hope FMS 18.0.3 is on it’s way and the memory leak has been settled.


As for FM 18v3, there should something coming soon. I don’t know when. What memory leak problem are you referring to? I’ve only seen memory leak problems with certain actions with specific plugins.

The Release Notes are now available for FMPA 18.0.3.

Regrading the Memory Leak, I am talking about FMS grabbing all the memory. I have seen this even for FMS 17. At that time I was working on an iMac with 24 G memory and a copy of FMS 17, the DEV server and I had to stop macOS quite a few times because it went very slow. Twice the display was acting weird going from blank back with the image to blank to … The display was blinking at a fast pace.

18.0.3 is FMPA only.

Release notes (as complete as always)

(link provided by Josh)

Software Update: FileMaker Pro Advanced 18.0.3

This software updates FileMaker® Pro 18 Advanced to version 18.0.3 and fixes bugs. If you are unable to successfully update to FileMaker Pro 18.0.3 Advanced, search the Knowledge Base for installation information.

Software details

The following issues were addressed.

Important: To ensure that you don’t encounter the issues below, you must update all clients to FileMaker Pro 18.0.3 Advanced.


  • macOS: FileMaker Pro Advanced was not enabled to ask permission for use of system services.
  • macOS: The FileMaker Pro Advanced updater failed if the application name was changed.

Script steps

  • Windows: The Insert from URL script step failed to support the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) protocol.

Converting files

  • During file conversion, a table occurrence was named differently than the table.

Importing data

  • When importing to a new target table and the import order was changed, a field was unavailable for selection.


  • Windows: An open drop-down value list overlaid the originating field.
  • Windows: The application closed unexpectedly when the view was switched while a popover object was active in the header part.

Well, there is honestly a reason they suggest not running FileMaker Server on a client machine. It will use anything not being used, or what it thinks is not being used.

Our primary server has 192 GB of RAM. Right now 150 GB is sitting as Standby. It is essentially holding the entire suite of files in memory. :rofl:

There are several reports from the D-A-CH Community about some issues with the FM18.0.3 update:
German only. Maybe Google Translate may help:

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On FileMaker official Community there are also threads about issues with 18.0.3:

So FileMaker Inc. changed to Claris International Inc… . . and then ??? Who’s taking care of the actual product ?

yes… we stopped updating for now )-:

(where we can…)

I’m somehow puzzeled. We had the same situation under v16 where crashes could happen that could destroy a file (re-login, value-lists,). We skipped V16 (for some customers) - and the year with V17 was too heavy here, so we skipped V17 as well

We (developer) are using every version, but for some customers, we could not. Now, we need a newer version - but that version should rock

I observe that FMPA 18.0.3 on MacOS 10.14.6 is significantly slower on loading uncached data from related records, occasionally missing to load them at all when opening a layout.
Server is v18.0.2 on MacOS 10.14.6.

Early days here, but no reports of any problems (so far) using Windows.