FM Go: Suppress "Script dialog popup thingie" at bottom of screen?

Hey, Super Soupers: Sorry for the moronic wording in the title, as I don't recall the exact dialog and it comes up only briefly in any of my current Go apps, so I can't really recall what it says exactly. I don't have access to a hosted option today to get the real description of the dialog, but if I recall it's an option to exit the script.

When a script fires in FM Go there will often be a bit of a screen flash and a dialog with a slider on it showing at the bottom of the screen while the script starts. In all of my current apps it only shows for a small part of a second and doesn't fully render. I.E. it just shows a few millimeters of the top before disappearing. None the less, it's annoying.

Is there a way to suppress this "feature". The screen flash makes the app look a bit crude. Allow User Abort [Off] may be suppressing it a bit on some scripts, but not others. It may just be so fast with some scripts that it actually has not effect.

This is a local install, not hosted, so the dialog is very brief.

This current app starts a series of timer (OnTimer) scripts with duration predicated by values in each portal row, so the flash comes up for each portal row (typically 6-10 rows).


Update: I found an app of mine that interacts with one of my servers (hence, slower). It’s the “Slide to cancel” dialog I’m looking to suppress.

You were right in that the only way to suppress is Allow User Abort [ Off ] . make sure it's at the top of every script you're running - there really should never be a situation where you'd want a user to cancel an action mid-script.

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Thanks for the confirmation, @weetbicks. Yes, the step is first line on all the scripts, but it still attempts to present the dialog partially before dropping out of sight. It’s a minor thing, but just a bit annoying.

I don’t do a lot of FM Go projects, so thought I’d ask in case I was forgetting or overlooking something.

Is your script doing a find? It will likely briefly appear while a find is occurring, or a sort for that matter - in other words something that might in FMP have a dialog with a cancel button on it (not that the cancel button ever works mind you)

It's a pretty simple "app", but there is one initial Find in the "Begin Timer" script. That script does not have the dialog pop up. It's about 85 lines, including comments and some normal white space.

The scripts that partially present the dialog are two scripts which are also pretty simple: ~35 lines with an IF/Else conditional, sets some $$vars, AVPlayer Play, and a new Install OnTimer step. All scripts have Allow User Abort [off] and Set Error Capture [on] as the first couple lines (as is my typical norm).

It's not terribly important, but was just looking to clean it up a bit if possible. When the process is started there's a different "flash" because a Web Viewer is revealed to expose an animated GIF (well known issue), so the combination of that and the little pulse from the bottom on the later scripts just annoys me. :grin:

I have a couple dozen FM Go solutions and this is the only one I'm noticing it on, so it's likely the combination of IF/Else conditional and the AVPlayer. (It's also the only one using AVPlayer step.) I'll comment those out and run it to see if that stops it, just for confirmation, but that functionality is the entire purpose of the solution, so they'll stay in use.

Note: The app I mention in my second post above that briefly presents the cancel slider is a personal project in development which collects a list of currency exchange rates via API, so expected. Allow User Abort will be added when I'm satisfied with the API consistency. It just allowed me to recall the wording on the dialog.