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FMS Admin Console issue on iOS Safari

The FMS admin console allows login via iOS Safari on iPad and iPhone.
However, on both devices it says 0/0 databases available and 0 users connected. Both informations are false. It also omits general server info (i.e. IP address).

This is the only admin web interface I know that doesn’t work on mobile devices (NAS, router, switch, printer etc. are ok).

iPhone iOS: 12.4.1, iPad iOS: 12.4.1

Did anyone get this working?

@FabriceN I vaguely remember… didn’t we explore this issue a while back?

I thought you had something there Torsten, as I also logged in using Safari on my iPad and saw there was only 1 file open on a test Mac Mini.

However, then I thought, ah ha, they again have problems with the non-default folder as they had (still have?) with uploads using FileMaker Pro and Sharing.

However, it has transpired that after the 18.0.2 update, I hadn’t gone back in and reenabled the additional folders. Now this has been corrected I’ve 39 files hosted, previously it was only the sample file.

iPad Pro 10.5 inch, IOS 12.4.1 and Safari, all working fine.

The only difference is me using a iPad Air 2. I’ll reboot the iPad tomorrow and check again.

Rebooted the iPad, still no change.