Hang on Web Viewer Load

Has anyone encountered this 'loading' dialogue box that hangs when loading a web viewer?

  • This issue is intermittent
  • It can happen over WAN or LAN
  • force quit required

Current specs, but issue happened back on 19.x

  • FMS 20.x macOS 13.5
  • FMP 20.x macOS 13+

The following script below is triggered when entering a portal row.


Set Variable [ $html ; Value: ... ]
Set Variable [ $payload ; Value: ... ]

#  RUN
Set Web Viewer [ Object Name: "web_chat" ; URL: $html ]
Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 1]
Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer [ Object Name: "web_chat" ; Function Name: "setData" ; Parameters: $payload ]

html.zip (2.1 KB)

No, I haven't seen that issue.

It doesn't look like the dialogue box has finished drawing the buttons.

A shot in the dark. Looks like a modal window that does not provide a button to dismiss. That could be code left by a developper that should not show up once a version is released.

What is displayed is an empty Web page, as if the HTML Viewer was not able to read the contents of the page.

HArd to debug. If you feed the same HTML to browser like Safari, Chrome, etc., does it display fine ? Do the Dev tools displays errors ?

This looks to me like a problem in the embedded code in the specify box of the web viewer itself.

Can you paste a copy of the web viewer code here??

Thanks for the replies ( I have been out of town )

  1. planteg: yes code displays fine in browses and if FM does not hang it displays fine.
  2. Kirk: the webviewer is blank. All code is set/pushed to webviewer via the script

FYI I have up'd the pause time to 1.5 which might have done the trick. The next test if the issue persists is to calculate the full HTML and payload together and skip the Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer step.