How can the integration of Intro to SceneView be accomplished to create a 3D map featuring windows cards?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to establish a database encompassing basic information about all countries. I found this live link (Intro to SceneView - Create a 3D map | Sample | ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.28) that serves as a reference. My goal is to have a user-selectable or clickable feature where, upon choosing a specific country, a pop-up window card appears with essential information.

I suggest you will want to work within a Web Viewer, @Saeed. There you can implement any number of JavaScript libraries and various APIs.

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Thank you, @daleallyn . I'll check if I can handle this matter. However, at the
moment, I'm encountering an issue where the web viewer displays as empty.

Hi, I think you could right click to open the inspector if you are using windows or enable the debugger first and right click to open the inspector in Mac

The first screenshot posted above does not appear to have a well-formed URL in it. It might be worth double-checking that.



It may help us to help you if you post exactly what you have entered into the Web View Setup expression. Obscure any confidential elements such as API key, etc.

Perhaps we can spot something as @steve_ssh has pointed out with the URL composition.


Thank you for all,

Indeed, I generated a sample database comprising two tables—one for countries and another for additional details. I also created a new layout that incorporates a search field. If the user enters a country, they can press it, and a window card will appear with relevant details.


I aim to enhance user interaction by creating a more dynamic homepage, which includes a web viewer for the Intro to SceneView 3D map. Users can interact with the map by touch, enabling actions like moving up or down.

Regrettably, when I embedded the link within the web viewer, it resulted in an empty page, as indicated above.

To further enrich the user experience, I plan to incorporate a search field at the top. If the user enters a country name, a window card will display relevant details. If the country is not found, a message indicating so will be shown.

I acknowledge that this might seem like a bold idea, but I'm excited about the possibility of making it work! :grin: