How do you use the 'like' Button? forum has 'like' feature (the small heart-shaped button on the lower right side of a post).

I do use that button quite frequently, every time I want to express that I agree with a post's content but do not have anything to add, so no post from my side required.

How do you use the 'like' button? And what message do you want to convey when clicking it?


mostly the same way You described. Sometimes I do like a posting to say 'interesting', but no time to add an answer...

  • consent
  • helpful
  • interesting
  • recognition for effort

I just used it to "like" mipiano's post, because I agree with what was said, I like the way it was said, I found it helpful and relevant, and I wanted to give encouragement to the person behind the post.


@BenMiller Great reply to my dry words! :rofl:

I'd add laughing, for witty or irony, if I have nothing else to say than a smiley.

I use it to tell I find the post pertinent, that I agree with the contents of the post, mostly like others.