Popovers showing up below webviewers on Windows

I have some popover buttons and just in the past week my Windows users started complaining that they showed up UNDER webviewers. This particular pop-up has been around for a couple of months and so I'm unsure if it's always been a problem or if it's "something new". Is this typical behavior on Windows? Is there a workaround? I found some things online from 2015 that said it was "finally fixed" and pop-overs now show up over web viewers, but nothing newer.

Do you know which Windows version your users are running on ?

I believe the fix was for Mac only. I use Windows and this is a recurring problem with no solution, other than to arrange the web viewer and popover not to coincide.

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Ok thanks. I have a few web viewers so I think I have to switch to a card. Oh well… not the end of the world but good to know. Thank you.

yeah unfortunately .... in windows the web viewer comes on top and the same if you have a transparent slide panel and below there is a web viewer

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