Installing FMS19.2.1..23 on Centos stops missing packets httpd24 and httpd24-mod_ssl

Running the installer on a fresh Strato VM stopped prompting:

Fehler: Paket: filemaker_server-19.2.1-23.x86_64 (/filemaker_server-19.2.1-23.x86_64)
Benötigt: httpd24-mod_ssl
Fehler: Paket: filemaker_server-19.2.1-23.x86_64 (/filemaker_server-19.2.1-23.x86_64)
Benötigt: httpd24

I installed Apache and tested it and now I am looking for installing the 2 missing packets maybe with quick wget command?

So I would like to ask for a link or pointer to the requested 2 packets please. I looked here CentOS 7 - CentOS SCLo RH x86_64 but not sure which one to download and install to succeed.


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attaching the installation protocol so far - thanksistallFMS19centosVMoutputCL.rtf|attachment (38.7 KB)

Looks like something went wrong with the attachment, this is how it looks like:

@admins Could it be an issue with the version of Discourse ?

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thanks for feedback @planteg - will try again!

istallFMS19centosVMoutputCL.rtf (38.7 KB)

There are instructions for how to get the right packages here:

Looks like you missed running this command:
sudo yum install centos-release-scl


that did it - THANK YOU !