Ladies of the Soup

I’ve always perceived the soup as “genderless”. Yet, I can count on one hand the posts authored by my fellow ladies.

I have seen several registered (as far as I can guess from nicknames or email addresses). Many have read a few posts then stopped visiting; others have deactivated the email digest.

I guess the latter won’t see this post…

Is there something we do or don’t do that is at cause here?

Please pm me if you don’t want to respond publicly.

Research about power and group interaction has shown that in groups women tend to defer to men even if they outrank them. Still…

If there’s anything that would make you more likely or comfortable to participate in conversations please let us know.

  • I identify to female gender
  • I identify to non female gender

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For ladies:

For ladies - Select all that apply:
  • I visit anonymously (forget to log in or purposely)
  • I don’t have time to write long posts
  • I don’t like to hang out in forums
  • I am shy
  • I only visit when I seek information
  • I like to keep to myself
  • My questions are too basic
  • I don’t feel welcome
  • I prefer to stick with the vendor community
  • I don’t (didn’t) like the negativity
  • I don’t feel safe
  • I prefer associating with other FileMaker women
  • I have another FileMaker group I prefer
  • I am concerned about the perception my colleagues or employer will have if they see my posts here
  • Other (please specify here or to me directly in pm)

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Hi Cecile,

I'm the Marketing Director at Codence and I use forums like fmsoup to stay up to date with what is going on in the FileMaker Community. I often share fmsoup posts/discussions I find helpful with my team like the Log4j info shared the other day. Fmsoup feels more technical and out of my expertise, so I don't contribute much. Sometimes I think about sharing our Technical blog posts here, but I don't want to be spammy.


Thank you for sharing! I have been thinking about blogs for a while and I love the idea. I think our curated collections fit that purpose.

I’ll check with the admin (I am not the boss anymore :wink:) how we could make it easier for people to share blog posts in a dedicated area so that it would not be perceived as spam.

For instance @weetbicks posted in the news channel his best of 2021 posts and i left it there because I couldn’t figure where else it could go.

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It would be nice to have a product announcement area for that type of stuff. I too get a bit concerned I'm just spamming articles I post which is certainly not something I want to do, however a dedicated area for that would make myself and others probably feel more comfortable in doing so.

You do have your own channel for fm elemental. However I didn’t see a connection to the product since your “best of” posts are more akin to blog posts. I know we want to encourage people to write articles so I’ll ask the board.

Hi @Cecile yes the elemental is a kind of side project which is kept apart from my blog (weetbicks). To be honest I probably don't need a separate channel unless that is how you wish to structure it.

Cecile thanks for asking us ladies. I am new and not well versed in FM to contribute - much less write an article. I can share my experiences so far...

I search this wonderful resource for solutions and if I have an issue l post my question and hopefully my questions can help others. My gender has never factored into this process. I am looking mostly for solutions/information and in my limited interactions I have found everyone very helpful, patient and informative. If I don't understand a response I ask for details and they are readily given.

As for staying plugged in at the Soup, there are so many online groups out there that I literally could spend the whole day on all these sites alone and not work at all. :smile:

I see the Soup as a vital resource and I am so very grateful its available. I will continue to engage as much as I can. I hope this helpful.