[Mac OS] Undeleting files in the Trash Bin

If you press "Command-Delete" on selected files that are in the Trash they will be placed back into the folders that they were in before they were moved to the Trash.

This is a pretty simple thing, and only for Mac users but I've just discovered it by accident and I've been using Mac for - let's just say "a while".


Not sure is there any difference between Big Sur and the previous version, I press command + delete, then the folder I deleted move back to the original location.

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Could it be called "and one more thing" :smiley: ?

Right. That's what it does. I remember System 6 - 9 have the ability to drag things onto the desktop and then "put lthem] away." The Finder would push them back into the folders you had moved them from. Very cool and a nice way to keep the desktop tidy. OSX lost the ability to do that. I wonder when they brought this action in? It could have been available for years.

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CMD · Y was the old Put Away command. Worked for Desktop stuff and from the Trash. And for ejecting media (floppies, cds). Good times.

for ejecting my floppies I use cmd-E which also unmounts shares...

so many things I discovered when I had my mouse broken :slight_smile:

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If we are sharing keyboard shorcuts, a few I learned recently that make my life so much better:

  • Command-Shift-Period in macOS Finder will show/hide invisible files
  • in Messages, Command-T followed by 1-6 will send the "Tapback Emoji"
  • In apple Mail.app, you can rename your Flags (e.g. "Red = Do Now", "Yellow = Do Soon") and then set up keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / App Shortcuts so you can easily flag mail messages with the color/priority of your choice.

Command-shift-period will also work in a file browser dialog in any app. Especially handy if you have invisible files hidden by default and an app asks your to browse to locate a file.


you are just talking about the shortcut? because there is a right click option with Put Back

I'd like that but I can't see it on Big Sur ( OS 11.4 ).

If you double-click instead of selecting the file, you get a dialogue protesting that the file can’t be open because in the trash do you want to restore. If you choose restore it goes back to where it was.

OK. I see it now. The Put Away option is visible for files that I put into the bin manually.

But I can also select files in the bin which do not offer that option. There are a couple of recovery folders from BBedit, which I think are from me tearing the laptop away from connected drives without unmounting them. They were the files I tried this on first. No put away option for them.