[REQ]: How to "Support the Soup" w/o a Credit card?

Afai can see payments can only be made with a CC. Any chance to add Paypal or Stripe? Or the good ol' way (a Bank account, not a pidgeon).

You have no credit card?

The soup has a bank account in Canada. You can ask the cashier for the account number and you may just send money directly.

Hi @pixi let me check if banking cards are accepted. I will get back today as soon as possible.

Gilles Plante,

Hello @pixi,

just got the answer. The donations are handled by a partner in Canada who provides services specifically for that purpose. I checked on their site and found out that:


As you can see many ways are supported. By the way our partner uses Stripe behind the scene ! Are you able to use one of the ways that does not involve a Credit Card ?

Our partner provides great tools to manage donations, and on top of that does not charge any fees, meaning that 100% of the amounts go to Thesoup.

@MonkeybreadSoftware suggested doing a wire transfer which could have been a solution, but that would mean having to manage separately a different channel for donations instead of having all centralized in a single dashboard.

I will explore the debit card and Apple pay to document the experience.

Gilles Plante,

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