Tips for donating via SimplyK

Hi All,

Just sharing a couple of quick lessons learned regarding donating to the Soup via SimplyK:

  • Amounts are in CAD. This, of course, makes sense, but I did not stop to think about it, and so seeing just the "$" symbol to indicate currency I made the mistake of thinking in my usual mindset of USD. Had I realized my mistake, I would have donated a higher amount -- I will make up for that next time, but figured I'd call it out for anyone else who might respond similarly.

  • The charge on my statement appears under a name of "RECURRING PAYMENT INTL", which suggested to me that what I had intended to be a one-time payment had been processed as recurring, and that it would be charged to my account again in another month. I reached out to SimplyK via email to ask about this. I then went through the brief formality of starting an "account" with them, and upon logging into that account, I was able to see my payment listed as One-Time. And, so, just a heads up that even if you see a charge to your statement that says "RECURRING", this does not necessarily imply that it is a recurring charge, but rather, "RECURRING" simply seems to be part of the name by which the charge is identified on a statement.

Hope the above may help others. By and large, it was a nicely streamlined process to make the donation, and I appreciate seeing the "Support the Soup" button at the top of the site, as it was the perfect reminder for me to follow-through with a small contribution which I had long intended to make.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

We are aware of the limitation regarding Canadian currency. This is Simplyk's limitation, not a choice made by The Soup. We intend to reach out to Simplyk regarding this. We will also give them the feedback you gave regarding the confusing company name on your statement.

I actually fault myself for the error here for just not thinking it through -- but I also think it's an error that could happen to others, as well.

Hi Steve,

according to the Simplyk Dashboard, your donation type is One Time.

Are you talking about your Credit Card statement ? Mine shows SIMPLYK MONTREAL. But I am located in Canada.

DId you get an email whose title is Thank you for supporting ? The contents will contain a paragraph stating it's a recurrent donation when it's the case. For example

This is for a recurring donation, note the 3rd paragraph.

This is for a one time donation, note the 3rd paragraph is missing.

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Thank you for the help/perspective @planteg. Your post is very helpful.

The email receipt that I received confirmed the amount and recipient, but did not state one way or the other whether the payment was one-time or recurring. (It matches your second example.)

Initially I had no reason to question the nature of the processing, but it was when I saw the charge posted to my account as follows that I began to question it:

Today I received a very polite reply from SimplyK which confirmed the payment to be one-time, and inquired about the nature of the uncertainty. I replied back sharing the above image of the posted charge to try to help illustrate the motivation for my inquiry.

At this point, I feel rather assured that the payment was processed as intended. Perhaps this is something that only happens for foreign transactions? I do not know, but I am not especially concerned at this point.

Thanks again for sharing the above info to help clarify things. Very kind and appreciated.