Swiss pricing for FMC advertised

Here we go:

Claris’ webshop for Swiss customers advertises a price of CHF 49.54 per user and month for FMC.
CHF to USD rate is 1 : 1.01.
This is just 46 cents below the initially announced USD 50 rate.


I tried! I really did my best to teach this guy the rules-of-three (Dreisatzrechnen).
I also told him that it’s not only about money. People compare. They don’t like to feel to be cheated.

Still terrible miscalculation in Swiss Filemaker Store!

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doesn’t ship one of the players in the health system here a db-application even for free?

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can you live without the ‘cloud’ //FMcloud ?

Yes, we can! Besides this particular pricing scheme, there are a couple of technical reasons why cloud won’t work.