Unable to connect to FMS19 using Claris JDBC

I set up a client ODBC driver for FMS 19 using the latest download (18) from the Claris download site I saw.

I set up the ODBC driver dialog on the Mac to access FMS and it looked like everything was OK. No errors reported. Used IP address of FMS not the web direct "https://.../fmi/webd/..." syntax.

But, when I enter the user name and password when trying to add an ODBC table to a local FMP table (all FMP files have ODBC/JDBC enabled), I get this (not useful at all) error:


I tried, then, to use a simple JDBC connection to the same database in FMS locally and that worked fine. ODBC/JDBC are enabled on FMS so it's not a 2399 port issue.

Alternatively, I tried to use the File..Manage..External Data Sources approach, but that didn't work either.

I noticed that even trying to create an ODBC connection on the server itself failed as the 64-bit ODBC manager couldn't find any opened databases (either using "localhost" or the server's IP address).

Would appreciate suggestions how to get ODBC working.


Hi, as far as I know, FileMaker cannot be ODBC source to FileMaker, there is some kind of limitation built in, only works with JDBC

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That explains it. :slight_smile:

It was still odd that on FMS 19 itself (the other test I did), setting up ODBC there for potential "other" clients, the ODBC setup utility couldn't find any of the opened FMS databases (using either "localhost" or using the IP address of the server). Since no databases were found, there was no way to complete the ODBC setup.

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A similar question was being asked in the Claris forums. You can find that discussion here: Claris Community (English)

In short, it should be possible.

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Thanks! So, ESS isn't possible and I suppose that is what I was attempting. It's all good. I really appreciate your follow up info and that link. I saw another ODBC question on the forum over there so I guess this is official ODBC day.