Upgrade PDF Version

I recently had a client who, due to a website issue of some kind, was unable to submit a PDF due to its internal version. So, I whipped up a quick REST method to upgrade (can't lower) that internal PDF version.

So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever run into a similar situation or needed to upgrade the internal PDF version number for some reason.

Below are a couple screenshots.


No, not that problem. Plenty of other problems but not that.

Well let me know what your other PDF "problems" are since I have a programmatic PDF capability and I could try to help. :slight_smile:

There were two cases: colleagues with PDF documents forwarded to them that they wanted to print. One from a bank and the other from a government department. In both cases, the first page would print but no other pages.

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You can always load a PDF with our DynaPDF functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin and change PDF version.

See DynaPDF.SetPDFVersion function.

But if the PDF content has a 1.7 feature, it may not make sense to store it as 1.6.

Why do most user problems always involve printing??? :rofl: