Heads Up! Adobe Reader Update breaks interactive containers

I got a note from client. Adobe Reader update seems to be installed automatically, which delivers a 32-bit version to Windows users. That breaks FileMaker looking for a 64-bit browser plugin to display PDF.

Solution may be to disable automatic updates until Adobe fixes that.

And if needed uninstall Adobe Reader and install an older offline installer.

Alternatively you can always use plugins (DynaPDF.RenderPage), command line tools or web services to render PDF to picture and show the picture.



I was repairing installs on our cloud FileMaker streaming servers until 23:00 last night, having had reports of PDF and Reader plugin errors. We disable Adobe Acrobat update service as standard, but somehow this had been reenabled.

Installs were still prevented, but the attempted install and subsequent failure still broke Adobe Reader. The fix for us was to use the Help -> Repair Install menu within User Install mode.

There is also a weird Windows Server update in release at the moment that closes the RDP session before the Restart button appears on the Windows Update window and we’ve been unable to reconnect via RDP. Thankfully, we use Splashtop as a backup to RDP for our VMs, otherwise a console connection would be necessary.

Not Adobe or Microsoft’s greatest releases.


ps thanks for the information