Web Viewer Select All Text

This might seem like an odd question, but is there any way to provide a ‘Select All’ text within a frame of a web viewer website?

Years ago I found an excellent website that allows for our team to create, view and edit polygon areas on maps in a visual way, while also being able to select all, copy/paste the resulting GeoJson code. The website is GeoJson.io and strangely enough, even after much searching on the web over the years, I still have not found a better solution after all of the years we’ve been using it.

I have a FileMaker solution that manages our delivery maps (we are a restaurant franchising company) and I would like to incorporate GeoJson.io in a web viewer to make the whole process simpler, faster and more intuitive for our team. This is the first time I’ve used a web viewer, and it has been simple and straightforward, BUT… when the GeoJson.io website is displayed in the web viewer, the ‘code sidebar’ no longer allows a user to ‘Select All’ the code to copy it for other purposes. In an actual web browser the ‘Select All/Copy’ works fine, always has, but for some reason ‘Select All’ does nothing in the web viewer?

This is not true of all websites in the web viewer. I use another website (FreeFormatter.com) to format the resulting GeoJson for our uses, and that one allows Select All/Copy just fine. I’m sure it is something with how the GeoJson.io site is coded, but I just need a way to still allow interaction with it within the web viewer.

I haven’t found any adjustments for this in the web viewer, nor have I found a workaround. The GeoJson code ends up being way too long to have people ‘scroll select’ the text (and I can’t seem to control the size of the text in the web viewer, because it comes in rather large), and without being able to select/copy all the code, the usefulness of the web viewer diminishes greatly.

Does anybody have any ideas? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

That’s tough. FileMaker is going to capture the commands. They won’t be directed to the webviewer. What about the save options that are mouse triggered? What are you capturing with the copy command?

Thanks for the response Malcolm. The strange thing is, I setup two web viewers, one with GeoJson.io and the other with FreeFormatter.com. The FreeFormatter web viewer works the way I would expect and want it to, it allows me to Select All/Copy and paste somewhere else. The GeoJson web viewer, however, does not? Unfortunately, GeoJson.io does not have any mouse commands regarding selecting or copying. I see in the GitHub for GeoJson that a ‘copy button’ was on the list to develop, but the volunteer that took that assignment does not appear to have done anything with it.

Anything that is selected gets copied with the copy command. If I scroll select all of the code, I can copy it. The problem is that scroll selecting the code will be tedious and not worth having the web viewer. It would then just be faster and simpler to use our existing method of opening GeoJson.io in a web browser for the map creating, viewing, editing, copying/pasting.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

The freeFormatter web site is delivering text. I’m not surprised that you can click into the page and copy content. The GeoJSON site is a web app. There will be a lot of code running that will have expectations about what is possible. Amongst other things, the FMP web viewer is recognised as an iFrame, and that often messes up the behaviour of web apps and web services.

Thanks for the info Malcolm, that helps explain the differences. I looked on the GeoJson.io GitHub page and see that there were ‘plans’ to add a ‘Copy All’ button on the sidebar containing the code, but it appears that development was never completed (or started?). When I posted inquiring about it, the moderator posted a “#wontfix” tag and closed that post. I was then directed to the ReadMe and it appears that the current version of GeoJson.io has “paused” development.

So… I will probably just have to yank that web viewer and replace it with text instructing the user to continue to do the map creating, editing, copying/pasting using a web browser. I will probably keep a web viewer to at least view the map, whether that’s with GeoJson.io or if I can find a ‘view-only’ GeoJson viewer.

Apparently there was also a post on GitHub about developing a URL parameter for ‘view-only’ of the map (the webpage always loads the map with a sidebar of the code), but that was also tagged “#wontfix” and closed after I inquired. :unamused:

Thanks for your help Malcolm.