PDF + FMP18 & FMP19 crashing yet again

Hi everyone,

I used to have this crashing problem when viewing PDFs in FileMaker. I applied the solution mentioned here PDF Interactive Container crashes on mac.

Today, I had the same problem again, with both FMP18 and FMP19 this time, ON THE SAME MACHINE.

Turns out, the files I had deleted were back in the library folder.

Difficult to know when brought them back to life. Is it from an OS update, a browser update, or from installing FMP19 on the workstation?

Does anyone know when I should look for those files re-spawning in the corresponding folder? Should I keep this on my FMPA Install checklist ?

Thanks for your input!

can you reliably reproduce the crashes - did you try a new user account and test if still occurring. (Didn't review the links there but) did you increase cache size? Uninstall all Adobe readers etc?

Thanks @FileKraft, my problem is fixed, I deleted the files mentioned in the post and I no longer get the crash.

I am simply curious as to why & how files I had deleted came back into that folder. Giving me a better guarantee this problem does not spring back to life behind my back.

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Something installed those things there and typically software keeps some sort of manifest of what it installed where. And when it does it check and doesn't find those things, it'll put it back. That's the expected general behavior. So you may have better luck removing the software that put those things there to begin with...

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