Improved in FMS19.5.1

Good news: Now disconnected PSoS calls will return lastError with error code 1.

(wish they would list all ~400 bug fixes and improvements ..)


I agree


We're not sure what number base they used.

It may be 2^4 fixes (binary): 1 0000, or 16 fixes in decimal! :wink:

if they say 400 fixes it has to be at least base 5 if you assign digits conventionally and at least we would have 100 decimal fixes ..

(my intention actually was not to collect sarcasm instead collect a list of undocumented 'improvements' here though) // including myself

I understand. Sorry about that. My own frustration with issues encountered bubbled up..

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totally understand - would be curious to know issues you are facing ..

I assume the list of 400 is the list of cases in their database.
That may include duplicates or related items.

Also it may include a lot of internal or confidential cases, where someone reported a bug, which only affects them.

We asked Claris about that here today and they said it would come, as far as I remember.


great - in mean time we can collect what we find fixed here .. also in regards of performance improvements would be great to know which areas accelerated.

I have a daily scheduled FM server hosted script running which took always 8 sec to run and still takes average 8 sec after upgrading to 19.5.1 - so I am curious to see any souped up scenarios ..

that would be shame to double dip ..
(why wouldn't I be surprised if true?)