POLL: Who do you want for admin?


  • (1) The Eye (In the sky)
  • (2) Uhg Bitf (Until he gets blue in the face)
  • (3) Steel Tank
  • (4) ModMom
  • (5) Dark Tim
  • (6) Please come back with better options!

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Just my opinion, but I like Admin icons that are more ‘system’ related, without being interpreted as a ‘bot’. Some examples I’ve used…

Just my thoughts…

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Only one image per post is allowed, so here is the other one…

Really, I will change that brb

There you go! I also promoted you to regular member. You have trust 3 level now.

I like the eye watching you :laughing: but I’d prefer better visuals!

The system bot (not dicobot) is a gear atm.

That’s the HubSpot logo. I’ll find that confusing if it is used.

Abstract gears are OK. I selected the eye because it was the lesser evil. :slight_smile:

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No worries. I would actually be happy not to have either of those icons used, since I use them in other management areas in our company. :wink:

HubSpot logo. Yeah, I can see the similarity. I actually created that ‘abstract network’ logo myself back in 2016. Yeah, HubSpot started in 2006, I’m not sure when they adopted their current logo, but I was definitely not channeling HubSpot. I literally just wanted an abstract network logo I would be able to create in 5min or less. :sweat_smile:

I actually created three logo/icons at the time, all with the requirement that I would be able to create them quickly. The two I posted were two of the three…

Following the idea of an eye, here’s a abstract iris, aka, colour wheel, that is friendlier.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Great minds! That sort of shape has become a common visual metaphor for “connection” of some sort or other. Google are doing it too.

Woah thanks for reminding me to post attributions!