Reading FMS logs: stdout

A daily process didn't succeed yesterday and I'm looking at the server logs to see what went wrong. The stdout log contains a lot of entries that look like this:

69852 POST /fmi/admin/internal/v1/dbs-notification/2cGFYCwNH64O7zQuwFBux54iiTiqbm2OxvWp1LEziPEEOnxV - - - ms

There thousands of them. They aren't timestamped but they seem to occur about 20 seconds. That's a guess based on the few date stamps and the number of them.

Does anyone know what they represent?

Just on a whim, I tried googling

log "/fmi/admin/internal/v1/dbs-notification"


stdout "/fmi/admin/internal/v1/dbs-notification"

Both of those had one single hit, which was this post in the old forum.

The conjecture that it is related to the admin API seems like a perfectly reasonable guess, but it is just that -- a guess...